I have no patterns for my latest craft. There are no stitches to count. No special tools or complicated instructions. Just some raffia and a needle. What's not to love? And yet for all the simplicity I can make the baskets as complicated and unique as I like. I'm completely... Read more →

Late last year found me scouring op shops for second hand white tops. I haven't worn white tops since having children - between my natural clumsiness and grubby little hands wanting cuddles, they haven't stood a chance. However, now that I'm eco dyeing everything in sight, I suddenly have a... Read more →

I devour tapenade by the spoonful, straight from the jar. The kids love it too, spread on toast. With the amount of tapenade we consume in this house, it was high time we learnt to make it ourselves. Airlie really wanted us to make it with olives we had pickled... Read more →