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IP - boots

There are days when I leap out of bed, fired with enthusiasm.  And days when everything seems to drag and I just want to bury my head under the pillow and pretend the world doesn't exist.  There are projects that I zip through, completing in next to no time.  And projects that languish on my desk for months.  This pair of soft soled leather boots was in the languishing category.

This is only the third pair of leather shoes that I've made so I am still figuring things out.  Once the boots were sewn and worn in, I needed to put on soles so I didn't ruin the boot itself.   But I put it off cos it was fiddly, needed patience and as I'm still learning I knew that it wouldn't be perfect.  It's hard to let go off that desire to be perfect and have everything just "so".  But the more I do, the more I laugh and the more relaxed I become.

I finally did dive right in and get those shoes soled.  It turned out all I needed was the right motivation.  In this case, going to see the exhibition Inspiration by Design from London's V&A Museum at the State Library in the city.