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I like planning and knowing where I'm heading. Especially when I'm making something. But sometimes, no matter how much you plan, you don't know how you're going to get to your goal until you start the journey. Or in my case, I didn't know how I was going to build my new website until I actually started doing it.

For ages I've wanted to create a new virtual home for my writing and making. I bought this domain, indraniperera.com months ago. And it's just been sitting there waiting for me to do something. So I did. I made a new pair of leather boots. I went on a road trip with my daughters and visited my nana's house in the country. I even reorganised the linen cupboard.

What I didn't do was start this website. There always seemed to be something else that was more urgent. Until I ran out of other projects, my domain sat there, quietly calling my name.

The problem I was running away from as fast as I could by being busy doing other stuff? I had no idea how to pull all my bits and pieces scattered across the Internet into a cohesive whole.

I finally got tired of waiting for the answer and decided to dive right in. I figured having something online was better than nothing. At least it would give the search engines time to find my site. And while that was happening I could figure out what to do.

Building this site and watching it become a reality before my eyes was great. Even more amazing was what happened as I was knee deep in the process. I figured out how to pull all my bits and pieces together in their new online home. The answer came to me in a flash and I jumped around the lounge room laughing like a crazy person and causing the cat to run away and hide under the bed.  It was such a relief!

I was so happy that I got off my butt and took action. And I was over the moon that my action led to answers.  So, go ahead and start I tell you.  It's in the doing that we find the answers.