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The Importance of Meeting Inspiring People

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I crave contact with other people.  The old-fashioned, face-to-face kind.  Where you get to chat to a living, breathing person and see their emotions stride across their face as they tell you what they are passionate about, what worries them, what their dreams are.  I love hearing other people's stories.  I'm an avid reader and devour stories but my favourite thing to do is meet interesting people and learn what makes them tick.  It's a great antidote to loneliness.  We humans are pack animals - we need other people.  Even us introvert types.

My reality is very different - I work from home, for myself and by myself.  I have to seek out other people and remember to prioritise it.  When I do, I feel so much better about myself and my world.  The future looks brighter and things somehow seem more possible.

Today I was incredibly lucky to meet the talented and incredible, author and illustrator, Sue deGennaro.  Before Sue started writing and illustrating children's books seven years ago, she was a trapeze artist.  This morning she showed a group of lucky kids (and this very lucky mum) how to illustrate a children's book.  She was so generous with her knowledge and shared lots of great tips for making amazing pictures.  Did you know that the insides of envelopes have great patterns that are perfect for collage?  Or that a patty pan makes a terrific skirt?

After the workshop was over, Sue signed some books for my daughters and spent a long time chatting to us.  She saw me writing notes in the class and asked if I wanted to write children's books (well, maybe one day.).  She then told me about some great resources for writers.  The Australian Society of Authors have a mentorship program and a design file for illustrators.

She inspired my nine year old to create an amazing collage when she got home, inspired me to write this blog piece and inspired my five year old to become a trapeze artist.  Now that's what I call incredible.  Thank you Sue!