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Are You Ready To Join Me In The Handmade Gift Challenge?

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I've set myself a challenge this year.  It's to make presents for all the people I know that are celebrating birthdays or special events.  The list includes my daughters' friends.   The gifts have to be handmade by me and I can't buy anything new.  I have to use whatever I already have on hand.  This Handmade Gift Challenge is testing my creativity and ingeneuity.

I have cupboards filled with bits and pieces of crafting tools and materials.  They just sit there, waiting to be used.  But now, they're getting a fresh look as I relish creating unique gifts for my friends. So far I have made natural perfume, a cotton skirt, a wooden pendant, leather journal with handmade book and gift cards like the one in the top picture.  It is made from kraft cardboard, paper from a vintage book of poetry I bought in a second hand bookshop in Argentina and crayons.  It was fun to make and lovely to be able to give it to a friend, or in this case my little girl for her fifth birthday.

It's really easy to go out and buy something.  Making a gift on the other hand is personal.  And personal is important when it comes to the ones you love.  I'm talking about mindful making over careless consumption. Wanna join me in the Handmade Gift Challenge?