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Knitting Needles

MAKE - needle 1

I'm going to show you how to make your own very own wooden knitting needles. I'm a big believer in using quality tools when making my handmade items.  If I can make the tools as well, even better! These knitting needles are delightful to hold and pleasing to the eye. They are very easy to make and cost very little.

Makes two pairs of knitting needles. One for you and one for a friend!  These needles are great for knitting with chunky wool. They are also fabulous for beginners and kids.

MAKE - needle 2

Knitting Needles
6mm tassie oak dowel (1.2m long)
Pencil sharpener
180 and 240 grit sandpaper
Olive oil
Paper towel
Gum nuts, shells, buttons to decorate
Super glue or woodworking glue

With the ruler, mark your dowel into 30cm pieces. You will get four needles, enough for two pairs.

Cut your needles using your hand saw.

MAKE - needle 3

Using the pencil sharpener, sharpen one end of each of the pieces of dowel to create the blunt tips of your needles. 

Starting with the 180 sandpaper, sand each needle. Pay special attention to the tips. You want them nice and smooth so you don't snag the wool when you are knitting.

Finish sanding with the 240 piece of sandpaper.

Pour some olive oil on to some paper towel and polish each needle. Leave to dry. 

To finish, glue a gum nut, shell or button to the top of each needle.

MAKE - needle 5

Happy Knitting!