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Why You Should Take A Break, Right Now!

Celebrate Your Achievements No Matter How Big Or Small

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I love making.  And I'm ambitious.  My list of things to make is ridiculous.  I've totally bought into the busy = important = successful = happy myth.  So the more that I make, the more successful, important and happy I'll be, right?   If I'm feeling unhappy or unfulfilled, then making one more thing will make me feel better because I am making the things that I need and want.  Stands to reason doesn't it?  Except the more I do and the more I make, the more stressed I get.  There's just way too much more, more, more going on.  It's time to stop all that more and say enough of the making!  (Just for a minute, not forever.  I'm still a maker you know!)

Not only is it time to say enough, it's time to celebrate and enjoy the things I have made.  Chuck that do list in the bin and go out and celebrate!  My kids are brilliant at celebrating.  They'd happily celebrate the opening of the front door with cake, streamers and fanfare.  I need to take my cues from them.  They live completely in the moment and are happy to eat cake.  Any time, anywhere.

According to Psychologist Marcia Reynolds one of the keys to achieving your goals and changing your behaviour is to have specific activities you can celebrate.  She says that for a new behaviour to become a habit, your brain needs evidence of success.  So go ahead and pop that champers!

I've been working hard on a project all winter and finally got it finished and sent off for review.  Once it was done and dusted, I took those wise little monkeys of mine and headed off to a fabulous, local chocolatier for hot chocolates all round.  It's my favourite way to celebrate - rich, gooey, hot chocolate.  Mmmmm.  I've no idea if that particular project will go ahead but that doesn't matter.  We were celebrating my many months of effort and hard work.  And that is just as important as celebrating and acknowledging the successes with a capital 'S'.

 I say that all work and no play makes Indrani a very dull girl.  Listen up all you work at home types - go out and celebrate your achievements.  You are amazing,  Yes, you!