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I had high hopes for my 42nd year, it being the answer to the meaning of life, the universe and everything as fans of Douglas Adams' Hitchhikers to the Galaxy will know. Unfortunately, things didn't go quite according to plan and for the first time I'm feeling my age. I look at folks in their twenties with a mixture of sadness and regret. I used to be that young, with all the promise of the coming years in from of me. Now though, I feel weighed down by age.  I know I'm being a tad melodramatic here but it's true.  I feel old.  Not as old as my nana, but old nonetheless.  

I'm sure this funk will pass and I'm doing everything I can to help it on its way. My answer? Make something. Not just a handmade gift for a friend but a handmade gift for myself. It's very easy to get caught up in making for others and forget that you also need nurturing, pampering and spoiling!  Especially when things just aren't going according to your master plan!

I've made myself an all natural perfume using organic oils. It smells divine and the dark colour comes from the vanilla essential oil which along with rose are two of my all time favourite scents.  I've used both in this perfume along with some sandalwood and orange essential oils.  All organic, all natural and all fabulous!  The carrier oil is organic jojoba.  I've used a vintage perfume bottle found in a country town garage sale. I got a whole box of gorgeous old glass bottles from a lovely old little lady for the princely sum of two dollars!

So for my 43rd year, I'm not planning big goals or lofty achievements. This year I'm going to focus on happiness in the every day, right where I am. And while I'm doing that I'm going to be wearing my very own bespoke perfume!