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Make Your Own Handmade Book

Book 1

I am a huge bookworm. Ever since I was a kid I have been hungrily devouring books and exploring the new worlds contained within their pages. Heaven was sitting with a new novel by English author Noel Streatfield and a bag of lollies, happily reading and munching. I even spent time trying to make my own books as well as writing and illustrating. One early, unfinished masterpiece was called The Piffle Poffle.

Since then my love affair with the written word has continued and I have had a book of poetry published and done some book binding courses. You can get fancy with hand made books or you can keep it simple. I am going to show you how to make a simple book. If you want to learn more complicated techniques I would highly recommend doing a course. If a course isn't being run near you, check out these books for ideas and inspiration:

The Book Book by Sophie Benini Pietromarchi
How to Make Books by Esther K Smith

The lovely thing about making your own notebooks is being able to get creative with using different papers and methods to bind. Instead of using brads as I have done, you could try sewing with wool or hemp.

Book 2

Handmade book
1 sheet coloured A4 cardboard or paper
10 sheets plain A4 paper
2 brads

Chopping board

Fold the coloured card and paper in half.

Open out the card and paper again. Lay the plain paper on top of the coloured card. It will be the cover of your finished book.

Peg around the sides of your bundle to hold paper in place.

Using a ruler and pencil, measure where you want to place your brads.

Lay paper on a chopping board and use the awl and hammer to make two holes.

Put brads in holes, remove pegs, fold bundle in half again and voila! You have your very own book.