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Why You Should Take A Break, Right Now!

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It's really easy to get caught up in the importance and urgency of what you're doing.  All those pressing deadlines need to be met and those three thousand emails in your inbox to be answered. The obvious solution is to work a little harder, so you can get it all done.  Yet the more you work, the tireder and more inefficient you get.  Trust me, I try this approach all the time and it never, ever works!  A timely break to recharge the batteries, however, allows you to return to your project full of oomph and poomph.

As well as recharging your batteries, taking a break allows you to consolidate memories, maintain goal focus and helps to reinforce positive behaviours.  

If you need more reasons to walk away from your desk and go outside and sit in the sunshine, taking a break also gives your brain white space in which to innovate.  According to author Todd Henry, in his interview with Marie Forleo  "You have to allow the idea to breathe which means sometimes engaging in activity that is gloriously inefficient." He's the author of a range of books including his most recent title, Louder Than Words. I'm sure he meant dining at a fancy restaurant or reading the latest blockbuster novel but my favourite way to take a break and give my ideas room to breathe is to do the dishes.  Mundane but true.

When you're a maker, innovation is a big part of your toolbox.  To tap into your innovative side, you need to give yourself some of that vastly underrated breathing room.  So the next time your boss bawls you out for heading out for coffee with friends, tell them that you're innovating!

The key to taking a successful break is to do something active like going for a walk, meeting a friend for coffee or doing the housework.  You want your brain to have the space to drift so no social media.  The physical activity along with the mental break will leave you feeling refreshed and energised.

If you're still finding it hard to walk away from your project, check out this article to figure out the reason that's holding you back.  I can identify with at least four of the thoughts that keep you from taking a break!

Take a break right now.  Your brain (and your dishes!) will thank you for it!