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I love making toys for my two daughters from pure wool felt. My favourite felt is the hand dyed kind. It feels softer and thicker than the machine dyed wool felt. I also like the colour variations that occur in a piece of hand dyed felt. However, I am not... Read more →

We have been eating porridge all winter long. It is so filling and satisfying. I love mine with cinnamon which is great for regulating my blood sugar levels. The girls eat theirs with coconut chips, and on the weekends as a treat, honey and banana as well. As great as... Read more →

With every project you make, there comes a time when you have to face your fears. It's like jumping off a cliff into open space. It is terrifying and exhilarating. Fear causes nights of staying awake, fretting about your creation and days filled with an ever present and niggling worry... Read more →