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A Homage To My Mentors

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This post is a homage to the people I call my mentors.  My mentors aren't people I personally know.  I've never met them or spoken to them.  And yet any time one of their emails hits my inbox, it's a red letter day cos I know that I'm going to learn something that is useful for me and my creative process.  My mentors are the amazing entrepreneurs who are out there in cyber space, sharing their ideas and knowledge with the world.

These inspiring people are making things happen.  They are working hard to make a difference in the world.  Their generosity in sharing their knowledge is incredible.  It's a world I want to belong to.  One where we help each other and share what we know so that other people can do the things they love. 

This is a list of the people I currently call my mentors.  One thing they all have in common is that they hail from North America and give truly great advice and inspiration.

Ishita Gupta is an entrepreneur who helps people to build self-confidence and power in their lives and businesses.  She is the founder of Fear.less Magazine and has worked with such luminaries as Seth Godin.  I love her emails because she is unafraid to confront the emotions that we all experience.  It's great to hear from someone who understands just where you are coming from and what you are afraid of because she has been there too.

James Clear is a writer and photographer who tries to answer the question - "How can we live better?"  His weekly articles blend personal stories from public figures with science and practical tips for creating behavioural change.  I love his emails because they are grounded in research and have practical tips for making change.

Dr Michelle Mazur is a communication rebel who writes about public speaking.  Her emails are full of personality and humour as she shares her tips for better public speaking along with her pet peeves.  Well worth signing up for is you've ever wanted to dip your toes into the public speaking pond.

James Zook is the crazy brave soul behind IWearYourShirt.  I've only just started getting his emails and while I can't sum them up neatly, they always strike a chord and give me some great small business tips as well as general life goodness advice.

Marie Forleo is a life coach and the star of Marie TV.  She is glamourous, a million miles away from me (physically and in just about every other way.  My life is so not glamourous!) and the only tv show I watch.  Her weekly online tv show is full of practical wisdom and humour.