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Great Reasons To Make Things With Your Own Two Hands

IP - sewing machine
We’re wealthier than we’ve ever been and unhappier. We have more things than our grandparents ever dreamed of and yet we still want more. Yet the more we consume, the unhappier we become. Endless, careless consumption is the problem. The solution? Mindful making. When you make the things you need, you treasure, repair and look after them. You feel better about yourself as you discover an ability to create.

In his book, Cooked, Michael Pollan argures that the solution to the growing obseity epidemic is to cook more of what you eat. When you do that, you have less time to eat. Similarly with making – when you make what you need, you have less time to go out and buy useless crap that's just gonna end up in the trash. 

There’s a resurgence in handmade craftmanship as people turn away from impersonal, mass consumption. The Maker Movement with its cutting edge technology such as 3D printers and laser cutters is global and growing fast. It is so influential that US President, Barack Obama, called 18 June 2014, a National Day of Making.

Wallpaper Magazine devoted their August 2015 edition to bespoke makers and projects.  Marcus Westbury, the Australian writer and broadcaster's most recent television show, Bespoke, screened on ABC television in September.  According to Westbury, 2 million Australians are small scale makers.   That's a whopping 8% of the population!

Not only are all the cool people (and I mean all of them) making things, making is fun.  You get to do things your own way and stamp your own personality and style all over what you're making.  Love cats? Go ahead and embroider cats all over your jumper.  I'm betting that you're not going to find a jumper like that in the shops but if that is what your heart desires, there's nothing stopping you from making it yourself.

It's also messy.

And it makes you feel good.

Don't just take my word for it, go ahead and try it.  You may just surprise yourself!