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Buckwheat Pancake Recipe

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The inspiration for this recipe came from my good friend Kate. When my family and I were staying at her place in the Dandenongs she made us buckwheat pancakes for breakfast one Sunday morning. I am always on the look out for more wheat free recipes and this one fast become a firm favourite.

I love this recipe because it is gluten, dairy and sugar free.  It's also super tasty and very easy to make.  The coconut used for frying has a much higher smoke point than olive oil or butter and has all the goodness of coconut.

Buckwheat pancakes
1 cup buckwheat
2 eggs
Pinch cinnamon
1 ripe banana

Soak buckwheat overnight. Drain and rinse.
Throw everything into a blender and whizz till you have a lovely batter.
Heat coconut oil over a low heat and cook the pancakes in batches.
Serve hot with your favourite toppings - maple syrup & bacon, strawberry jam or sugar & lemon.