How To Make The Things You Need In Just Five Minutes A Day

Be Unique!

IP - bag

I have this things for handbags.  I just love having the right bag to go with my outfit.  This outfit needed a new bag so I whipped up the one in the photo using leather offcuts and a shell I found on the beach.  The good thing about my old bags is that the kids love using them for dress ups.  So no harm done right?

I haven't followed the latest fashions for years.  These days if I need a new pair of jeans I'll hunt around in op-shops until I can find a pair.  It's kinda liberating to not have to be wearing the latest look or style.

One of the things I love the most about handmade is that you can make whatever you want and need.  Not only that, you can make it so that is suits your own personality and style.  I love playing dress-ups and wearing different outfits.  At the moment I am going through a big nature/woods/folk phase and I've been going through my wardrobe looking for hidden gems.  

I found the bodice I'm wearing in the above photo in my wardrobe.  I made it years ago when I was a medieval re-enactor.  I still love the clothes and I'm so pleased that I now wear them out and about on the street.  I think it has something to do with turning forty and not caring any more about what anyone else thinks.  I also live in St Kilda which has a bit of a funky and alternative vibe.  I swear I saw Captain Jack Sparrow walking down the street the other day.  I wonder if he'll take me on as crew?  I definitely look the part!