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How To Make The Things You Need In Just Five Minutes A Day

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I'd love to have large blocks of time to luxuriate in.  Two of my favourite mentors James Clear and Ishita Gupta talk about their morning routines and the hours they block out for doing stuff.  In my dreams!

I'm a work at home mum so my work gets done in between doing the dishes, stopping sibling squabbles and cleaning up cat vomit.  You know, all that glamorous stuff that goes with working for yourself and having kids.

I do my work five minutes at a time.  Here and there.  Whenever and however I can.  I do make stuff at the park when my kids are playing.  When my daughters are at their dance class, I write blog posts.  I think about what I need to do next while I am doing the dishes.  I adapt, I'm flexible and I get it done.  

I used to wish for more time but I now think that limited time is much, much better.  When I get my five minutes, I focus.  There's no pfaffing, no checking social media, no grabbing a quick coffee, no getting distracted.  My time is precious so I get stuck straight in and for that five minutes I've got tunnel vision.  It's just me and my project.

With just five minutes a day, I can make the things I need.