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Homemade Cardboard Christmas Tree

Cardboard tree

I love Christmas time.  There are so many awesome things you can make.  Cards, gift tags and wrapping paper, not to mention the handmade gift possibilities.  When I was growing up, we would head to my nana and pa's house in the Victorian country for the celebrations.  They would always have a fresh, pine tree.  That scent of pine needles, mixed with the heat of an Australian summer and a wood stove cooking a roast for Christmas lunch really encapsulates Christmas for me.  Except, as an environmentally aware adult, I just can't condone chopping down a perfectly good tree to stick in a bucket in my lounge room and then take to the tip once the festivities are over.  I mean, really?  What is the point?  I've tried the pine tree in a pot in the past to no avail.  That tree didn't last much past Christmas either.

This year I had a brainwave.  Make a Christmas tree out of cardboard!  It was such a good idea that I couldn't believe I was the first to think of it.  After a little surfing, I discovered I wasn't. There are even people selling cardboard Christmas trees.  I wasn't at all tempted, however.  Where's the fun in buying something you can make yourself?  Luckily my gorgous girls (aged nine and five) agree and we spent a happy morning making our own carboard Christmas tree.

I got my inspiration and great step by step instructions from Live Colorful.  Thanks!

My crafty kids got creative with the glitter glue and made a bunch of Christmas ornaments to go with the tree.

This was so much fun that next year I want to try making one out of wood.


Cardboard Christmas Tree

2 pieces of equal size cardboard




colourful wrapping paper


Cut two equal size triangles from the cardboard.  We got our cardboard boxes, free, at the local supermarket.

Cut a slot in one tringle from the middle of the base to about half way up.

Cut a slot in the other triangle from the middle of the top to about halfway down.

Glue colourful Christamas wrapping paper to the cardboard to decorate.  We used the cardboard from our stash.  Each year, I carefully unwrap my presents and save the paper to reuse.  Just like my nana thrifty and resourceful used to do!

Cut a zig zag line in the sides of the triangles to make it more tree like.

Put your tree together and admire.


Cardboard Christmas Ornaments

leftover cardboard scraps


Christamas cookie cutters


colourful wrapping paper



metal skewer


Use the leftover cardboard scraps to make decorations.  This was my daughter, Airlie's fantastic idea.  Nice one beautiful!

Trace the cookie shapes on to the cardboard.  Cut out.  Decorate with wrapping paper and glitter.

Use a skewer to poke a hole in the ornament and then make a hanger from some string.

Start singing carols and making merry.  'Tis the season to be jolly!