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Customised Calico Shopping Bags

MAKE - calico 1

I was racking my brains late last year, trying to think of something my daughters could make to give as Christmas gifts. Sure we could have bought something but where's the fun in that?  In previous years we have made lip balm and beeswax star candles for friends.  Airlie has made books for her relatives and Phoebe drew them all pictures which I framed. Christmas is my favourite time of year for all the yummy things to bake and all the craft to make for presents. Plus all the fun activities you can do like making paper chains and decorations for your Homemade Cardboard Christmas Tree.

It was while I was at the fabric shop picking up some organic cotton thread in wooden spools to finish off some dresses I had started that I had my brain wave. They were selling blank, calico bags that would be perfect for the girls to decorate and give as gifts. They also sold a few different brands of markers to draw on the fabric.

It was only as I was ironing them that I discovered they were made out of a polyester blend. Next time, I am going to be more organised and buy some organic cotton ones like the ones at Organic Cotton.

MAKE - calico 2

Decorated Calico Bags
Blank organic cotton bag
Fabric markers

Pop some cardboard in the middle of your bag so that your design doesn't go through to the other side. I got my free cardboard from the local liquor store. (hic!)

Use your fabric markers and go crazy.

Once dry, follow the directions on the packet to set your masterpiece. For me, it was ironing on the opposite side of the drawn surface.

For their presents, the girls drew on one side each of a bag for someone in our family. We did it over a couple of days and they had great fun, adding in the year and signing their names. I only wish we had bought more do they could have made one for me too!