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Berry Ice Cream

MAKE - berry icecreamMmmmm, the coconut.  So tasty and so many uses.  My dad is from Sri Lanka and they use the coconut for everything.  I mean everything.  Retaining walls in the garden, eating the coconut, cooking the milk in curries, drinking the water and my personal favourite, as an elephant loofah.  No joke, when I was travelling in Sri Lanka, I came upon a couple of elephant handlers bathing an elephant in a stream and they were using the rough side of half a coconut to loofah the elephant.

I'm not loofahing any elephants in my tiny inner city flat but I am celebrating the magnificent coconut with this Berry Coconut Ice Cream.  The inspiration for this recipe came from the children's cookbook, The Silver Spoon for Children.  Their recipe used cream and I thought, "why not try coconut milk?'  I used their recipe as inspiration and added tips from some recipes found on the web to come up with my recipe for Berry Coconut Ice Cream made without the use of an ice cream maker and with no sugar.

Berry Coconut Ice Cream

400g frozen berries

1 tin coconut cream

1 vanilla pod

Whisk the coconut cream till light and fluffy.

Cut vanilla pod in half lengthways and scrape out the seeds.  Add to the coconut cream and mix.

Blend the berries in a food processor.

Add berries to coconut cream and mix together.

Pour into a baking dish or plastic container and pop into the freezer.

Every 30 minutes, pull out of the freezer and scrape the icy bits off the sides and mix back into the mixture.  This is supposed to break up the ice crystals and keep the ice cream nice and smooth.  Do this for a couple of hours before serving and eating.


It is pretty tart.  I think next time I may try adding in some lemon juice with the berries when I blend them.  One of the recipes I read mentioned doing that.  And if that doesn't work, I may have to resort to adding in a teeny tiny teaspoon of stevia as a sweetener.