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Making makes me happy

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It's true.  Making makes me happy.  Whether I'm making something for my daughters or making something for myself, I'm happiest when I'm using my hand to create something that is beautiful and useful.  

I don't have a lot of time for making stuff just to be decorative.  I'm a practical, down to earth kinda gal.  I like stuff that has a purpose.  I think that comes from living in a flat and having limited space.  With four people and a cat, there's not a lot of extra room around here!  (Although we somehow manage to keep squeezing in extra pieces of furniture even though I've said countless times that we have no more room!).

I always imagine that my handmade wares will be beautifully embellished or embroidered but somehow they always seem to end up plain.  I like to think that they're elegant!  And I secretly admire all those makers who can do fancy and decorative so well.

That's what makes me happy.  Making things for myself, my home, my family and friends.  It's so satisfying and rewarding.  It's physical and sensual.  It uses my whole body, not just my brain.  And I feel so good when I am making things.  Like I am contributing.

When I'm not making things, my palms start to tingle.  They're telling me it's time to get crafty once more.  It took me a long time to figure out what it meant.  Now that I know, I listen to my hands.  When they tingle, I find something to make.

What makes you happy?