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IP - sprouts

Hello!  It's so nice to be back here, blogging again.  Hope you've been well :)

There's a definite chill in the air. A couple of weeks ago it even got to -1 C here in Melbourne overnight. 

The colder weather has got me making and writing again.  It has even got me back in the kitchen baking and cooking. I'm craving hearty stews, soups and casseroles. Anything that is hot, filling and sticks to the ribs. 

I've also become really excited about sprouting on the kitchen window sill. Takes so little space and hardly any effort. I love the rhythm of rinsing and draining the sprouts each morning and evening. Waiting for the seeds to sprout is very exciting and it's so satisfying when they do. A little bit of green magic in the heart of winter! 

IP - Sprouts recipe

I turned my lentil sprouts (I also sprouted alfalfa) into this delicious stir fry from the excellent cookbook, Hugh's Three Good Things by Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall. It was delicious!  The only thing I would change is to have less cashews next time. 

What are you cooking this winter?