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IP - Knitting

I thought I'd celebrate my return to blogging with a bit of a spring clean of the old blog.  I've had a ball of wool as my favicon for a while now but haven't knitted in an awfully long time. It was time to change it to something new.  No false advertising here!

And the funny thing was, just after I made the decision to remove the knitting reference I wandered into a shop and bought a new ball of wool.  I adore this wool - it's Cleckheaton California 8ply.  I love watching the colours change as I knit.   My last project never got finished.  It was because I just didn't like the way the stripes looked as I knitted.  I know that now as I am knitting with this wool every spare chance I get.  At the park while the girls play with their friends and at the dinner table while I wait for them to finish eating (which can take a very long time as they love to chat while the food goes cold!).

I'm trying (again) to knit a pair of fingerless gloves.  I'm using this arm warmer pattern from Gina Michelle that I've adapted slightly.  Not knowing a lot about knitting I grabbed this pattern off Ravelry cos it looked pretty easy.  I didn't know what worsted wool was or what size my knitting needles are so I've had to adapt the pattern through trial and error.

I'm on my seventh or eight attempt to get it right.  But I am determined to get them finished this winter!  Amazing what the right ball of wool can do!  I'll let you know how I go :o)