I'm Still Here!
Crafting Lessons Learnt At The Village Continuum

Post Festival Blues

IP - TVC Crew
{One of my most treasured possessions - my Village Continuum Crew patch}
Creating a festival with a team of other people has been a huge highlight for this year for me.
Now, a few weeks after the festival, I’m definitely suffering post festival blues.  Working on and for the Village Continuum festival was a huge part of my life for the last 6 months.  And now that it has been and gone, I'm feeling bereft and blue.  
I'm missing the sense of community that came with being part of a team.  Sure we all worked separately in our own homes but there were a billion e-mails floating back and forth in the ether as we discussed all matter of matters from what to put in the goodie bags to gate open times, catering options, site decoration and how to structure the timetable.
There’s plenty of projects waiting for my attention but I just can’t focus on them at the moment.  I think I’ve entered a period of mourning,  I’ve got that post creative project flat feeling.  I suspect that is partly because for so long, I put everything I had into the festival.  And now that it has gone, there's a huge hole.  
I had a ball at the festival itself and while at the time I tried to consciously enjoy it as much as possible, I’m wishing I was still there.  I loved the amazing community of people who came to the event and created a village with us.  They were all so talented and willing to share their knowledge, skills and experience as well as enjoy the workshops at the festival.
I wish every day life was like the festival - a group of amazing people hanging out together, making things, discovering new skills and each other and most of all being open to sharing their lives with complete strangers with faith and trust.
And you know what?  When I think about it, it can be.  Every day can be filled with hanging out with amazing people, making things, learning new skills and living with faith and trust.  It's all about how we perceive the world and how we choose to live our lives.  I'm choosing great people and craft!  What about you?