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Forest Boots

IP - Forest Boots

Although I was crazy busy in the lead up to the Village Continuum festival, I did manage to squeeze in making a new pair of boots to wear to the event.  After all, a girl's gotta have the right shoes!  I lurve these new boots of mine.  Like most things, they took me ages to make.  Lots of imagining, thinking, figuring out and designing in my head went on before I got around to sewing them.  

Even though this is my fifth pair of shoes, I still get immobilised by fear during the making process.  This time the fear struck when it was time to shape and sew the heel.  What if I stuffed it up?  What if I wasted leather?  What if they didn't get made in time for the festival?  Three terrible sins!  Well like most things, mistakes are never as terrible as they seem (they offer a chance for creative solutions after all) and the fear is always worse than the mistake you may not make.  Wasting things is bad but you can always turn the waste into something beautiful by recycling.  Being late?  Not so bad really as long as you say sorry.

If like me you think that you can never have too many pairs of shoes and that making them yourself is the ultimate in self sufficient crafting, have I got the workshop for you!  For two days over the Australia Day Long weekend I'm going to be teaching shoe making workshop on a farm in Trentham that is converting to biodynamic.  It's going to be a magical 2 days in a special setting.  Come and join me and make a pair of shoes!