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Christmas Craft


This post contains sensitive Christmas gift information.  If you are a Desrera grandparent or aunt or uncle, STOP READING NOW! IP - Tea Towel 2

Okay, I think it's safe to continue!

In between markets for Legato Perfume and all the end of year festivities I'm still managing to squeeze in some time for making presents and Christmas craft.  

I'm big into ritual and celebration and I love the traditions at this time of year.  The decorations in the streets and on people's houses.  The Christmas carols playing when you go shopping.  The festive spirit as the weather (sometimes) gets warmer and people come out to play.  The excitement the girls have about Christmas and celebrating with their grandparents.  

As well as those traditions, we've also created our own over the years.  Going to the beach and eating roast chicken and cherries for the summer solstice.  Making honey roasted macadamias as gifts for our friends and teachers.  Every year I make them a decoration to hang on the tree.  When they move out of home, they will have a collection of beautiful decorations to hang on their trees.  I also make them a little skirt although Miss Ten mumbled something this morning about not needing a mama made skirt this year.  Not need a mama made skirt?  How can that be?  She's growing up so fast but I think I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that!

And as they grow older and change, so do the traditions.  Each year we take a picture of them together wearing santa hats and give to extended family members and friends.  This year, there's talk of Christmas berets instead. Not sure how I feel about berets, must admit I'm a bit of a traditionalist and find it hard to move with the times.  I'll probably be still wanting santa hats long after they've moved on to cloches!

IP - Tea Towel 1

Every year the girls make something for their extended family members. Last year the grandparents, aunts and uncles all received hand drawn calico shopping bags for Christmas.  This year it's going to be organic cotton tea towels that they can draw their very own designs on to.  They're also making presents for their friends - fimo jewellery and hand rolled beeswax candles. 

IP - Eco Dyeing

I'm also doing a little eco-dyeing for presents for friends.  Here's a little peek as I suspect some of you are reading this right now (I won't mention any names...).

I love the celebration of handmade and giving that is happening in our house.  They're two of my all-time favourite things to do.  All the whispered secrets and plans.  The rustle of wrapping paper and hiding of presents (don't look under any beds in our house unless you want to know what you're getting ;).  

 What Christmas craft are you doing this year?