Making Connections
Cotton Scarves

Coming Inside

IP - Reflection Selfie

Over the past few weeks I've been feeling a growing urge to sit in one spot and make something with my hands. My heart is telling me that I need to slow down and reconnect with the mindful practice of making. It's that space where your hands are busy, your heart is happy and your mind is free to wander and ponder. My hands are telling me that it's time to once again hold raw materials and transform them into beautiful, useful items.

As it starts to get cooler and the nights get longer I find myself coming inside in more ways than one. I'm content to spend more time indoors, seeking sanctuary in my space. I also spend more time thinking, planning and daydreaming. I get excited by new books to read and plan new adventures in making. Eco dyeing merino arm warmers, carving osage orange sticks, making rainbow lattes, arm knitting a basket or sewing a leather pouch. I won't do them all but at this moment in time (and any other moment for that matter) it doesn't matter. It's the seemingly endless possibilities that are important. 

Right now I'm savouring the sweet feeling of anticipation. Of dreaming and scheming the things I will make and the places in the hidden wilderness of my heart that I will explore. I want to hold on to the precious moments before a project starts for as long as possible. Those moments when anything is possible and the world is filled with promise.  What are you savouring this autumn?