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IP - Leather craft

A couple of weeks ago I packed up my leather scraps and tools and took them to a friend's house for an afternoon of craft.  She had expressed an interest in learning leather craft and I was more than happy to spend the afternoon in her gorgeous garden, crafting together.

It was a beautiful autumn afternoon and after munching on dips and fresh fruit we headed out into the garden and the big old picnic table.  I love this old, weathered table with patches of lichen and signs of years of use from a loving family.  The stories that this table could tell!  Now it has a story of mamas and children learning to craft together.

I had expected that we mamas would craft together while the children played in the huge garden filled with tree house, veggie patch, bee hives and bell tent.  But no, they wanted to be with us, gathered around the table, playing with leather.  And of course everyone wanted their very own leather pouch!

The littlest crafter was just three years old and he had a great time cutting up scraps of leather with a pair of scissors.  His big sister wanted to be part of everything and using all the tools, even the sharp awls for punching holes.  My oldest girl was keen to trace patterns on the leather and cut out her pieces.  She's done leather craft in the past and has a fair idea of what to do.  My youngest girl was more interested in playing but was happy to sit with the group and watch while we made our pouches.

Eventually the children ran off, their need for craft satisfied while we mamas sat in the sunshine, sewing, chatting and drinking cups of tea.  The peacefulness of quiet hand work with the shouts of children playing in the distance filled my soul right up.  The chance to share a passion with someone I know was wonderful.  I love to craft and create and it's even better when I get to do it with good friends.  Having the kids pop in and out as well was an unexpected bonus.  Get 'em while they're young I say!

Now that's what I call a perfect afternoon - crafting outdoors with friends and children.