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It's funny what a difference a year or two can make. A couple of years ago, I really struggled to knit with this wool. I found it rough and hard to knit with. It kind sticks together and I have to tug it gently to separate the strands. This year, however, I'm managing to knit with it just fine. 

I think it helps that I am using the same pattern as last year to make another pair of fingerless gloves. I love last year's arm warmers so much! My fingers are familiar with the rhythm and muscle memory takes over when my brain begins to wander. Admittedly, it took me at least ten attempts to start. I kept making mistakes in the ribbing, losing count of stitches and having to start again. But there's comfort in knowing that I can always start over. That no mistake is so terrible that it can't be unravelled and fixed. It's true for most of the mistakes we make and a lovely reminder that starting over again is always possible.

IP - Knit 3

Here's a picture of last year's finished arm warmers. I completely forgot to post them! They're having a nice outing at a cafe in Collingwood. One of the many joys of winter is a nice cuppa in a cosy cafe. I've been wearing them a lot since the photo was taken by my gorgeous six year old girl so they don't look quite as good as this any more!

Knitting is a craft that I really enjoy. Not in a compulsive, must knit things for everyone I know way. Although I must admit that this year's knitting is going much faster than last year's. (This time last year I hadn't even started knitting anything and I've almost finished one arm warmer already. Yay!) I am beginning to think about my next project. A matching beanie could be good. And knitting beanies for the girls as well. I look at their bare heads when we're out and about and just want to wrap them in wool!

On of the many things I like about knitting is that I can put it down and come back to it later. It's wonderful to have something waiting for me.  It grows in fits and starts as my passion and enthusiasm ebbs and flows. It's also very easy to knit a row here and there, in between being with the girls and doing all the other things that have to be done during the day.  I love having a portable craft that can accompany me on my many adventures.  

As a beginner it's meditative and slow. Because it takes so long for me to knit something, it's a bit like making without an outcome. I just sit and knit my rows without worrying about getting it done or having it made.