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IP - Lichen 3
IP - Lichen 3
IP - Lichen 3

In order to find inspiration and the creative spark, I used to spend a lot of time exploring lane ways in the city, visiting funky handmade shops and checking out exhibitions at galleries. I still do those things but more and more I'm drawing my inspiration from the natural world.

The inspiration I draw from nature feeds my soul in a different way to the inspiration I get from the city. When I'm in the city seeing amazing things, I think about how I can make something similar myself. The excitement of making something new is what fires my imagination. When I'm in nature and see an amazing mushroom I'm inspired to learn more about that mushroom (what it's called, if it's edible or poisonous) and draw it in my nature journal. 

IP - Mushroom 1

IP - Mushroom 2

IP - Mushroom 3

Right now I'm inspired by all the different mushrooms that are sprouting up all over the place and the amazing lichen growing on trees. The lichen is just so beautiful and the colours are incredible. In nature there is so much beauty and an infinite variety of colours, textures and shapes. Drawing what I see each week in my nature journal has become a real highlight for me.

I've been passionate about using natural materials for years. I've always liked tracing things and ideas back to their origins and knowing where they are coming from. It's so exciting to be finally stepping into the natural world to connect with my materials at their source. Finding a fallen branch and then sitting under the tree that gifted it to the earth is pretty special.