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I have a thing for beautifully made and often expensive tools. When you spend a lot of time holding and using something I think it's worthwhile to invest in quality. It makes the whole making experience pleasurable when your tools are good. Of course you don't always have to buy your tools, you can make them too! There's something so lovely about making your own tools. It takes making to the next level when you can say you've made a project and the tools that were used to create it. 

Homemade knitting needles are simple and fun to make. You can do this craft with your kids. And then teach them to knit with the needles afterwards! All you need is a saw, a piece of dowel, pencil sharpener and sandpaper. Once you've got the materials it's a quick and simple craft fix when you've just gotta make something. My other favourite quick making fix is baking. So fast and something yummy to eat when you're done!

A few years ago I splurged on a Japanese pull saw. Best money I ever spent. It saws on the pull stroke instead of the push stroke like a tradition saw and is much easier to use. It also has super fine teeth which means there's hardly any need to sand your timber once sawn because the cut is so fine.

I like to decorate the blunt end of my knitting needles with gum nuts I've found in the local park. You could also use shells. To seal the timber I use a lavender beeswax wood polish.  

Have you ever made your tools?