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I was half asleep the morning I grabbed my phone to check my emails. It's my daily before breakfast ritual. My thumbs flicked on one from Amanda Soule Blake before my brain registered what was happening. I started to read the email and light suddenly dawned. This was an email from the Amanda Soule Blake, aka Soulemama. She's an author, blogger, crafter and mama extraordinaire. I've been quietly following her blog for years with equal part awe and inspiration. I've never commented on any of her posts because I always felt a little bit shy and awkward about talking to someone who I've never met and yet feel I know so well.  I never dreamed that I would actually be getting an email from her. But get an email I did!

The email was to tell me that my article on eco-dyeing had been accepted for publication in the magazine Taproot. Soulemama is also the editor of this wonderful ad free and independent magazine devoted to family, food, farm and craft. Whenever I get an issue, I feel so inspired and comforted by the contents of its pages. The pages are filled with so many wonderful things to make, inspiring ideas to try and thoughtful articles to read.

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I couldn't quite believe that my article had been accepted. Even through the whole editing process I was pinching myself and half believing that it would all turn out to be a dream or a mistake. But now I've got the magazine in my hands and it's true. My article has been published. I'm so excited!

I have to say a big thank you to my lovely friend Kate Horne who helped with the article by reading, editing and making suggestions about what to include. Thank you so much Kate!