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We eat like kings. Slow cooked pulled beef that falls off the fork and melts in my mouth. Mouth wateringly good fermented homemade wholegrain mustard to slather on the pulled beef. Activated and dehydrated organic pecans from Byron Bay to nibble on for an afternoon snack. Home cured olives that we foraged our selves.

The best thing about all this wonderful food is it's homemade. There's no additives or preservatives, just honest ingredients. And definitely no added sugar. Have you noticed that everything these days has sugar in it? I mean everything, not just the sweet stuff where you'd expect to find sugar. Anyone know why on earth there's sugar in savoury dips and vegetable stocks? I have an idea - it's to make you addicted to them and crave more. Sorry, rant over!

When I'm starting to feel a little blue because it feels like all our wonderful Melbourne friends are going interstate or overseas on incredible adventures this winter, I remember how lucky we are to be living right here, right now. We have a lovely home, gorgeous landscape, vibrant city, wonderful friends, peaceful country and enough deiliocus homemade food to fill our bellies. I feel so grateful and so very, very lucky.

We may not be gong on a grand adventure any time soon but we'll be eating like kings and enjoying our wonderful home.