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IP - Crochet 2

I've been rediscovering the joys of crochet and Ravelry this week. I first started crocheting when I lived in Sydney but haven't done any since moving into my inner city flat in Melbourne. In my first foray into crochet I learnt the basic stitches, made a couple of beanies and started two rugs before I ran out of the wool and energy I needed.

My ears have been getting cold lately and they're been begging me for a new beanie to match my rainbow fingerless gloves. Poor ears, better make them a new beanie! It's been fun finding my hooks and book and updating my Ravelery profile. Hard to believe I joined in 2009 and have barely a project to my name!

I'm happy to be a bit of a  dabbler with a little bit of this and a little bit of that as something takes my fancy. My gorgeous friend Catriona is the crochet queen and has gifted me with beautiful cardigans, jumpers, beanies and cowls. She's amazing and is now exploring the world of Tunisian crochet. I doubt I'll ever reach her level but I'm content to know a few basic stitches and make an item or two as the mood takes me.

IP - Crochet 3

As I've been crocheting the rounds for my beanie I've been thinking about spirals and how life is a bit like a spiral. It circles around and returns to almost the same place again. Crafting is the same. I start a craft, move away and then circle back. I'm so happy to be circling around back to crochet again!