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The cold weather has me yearning for walks in the lush forests of the mountains and returning to a roaring open fire with some crochet or knitting in my lap while the girls play board games. This urge is so strong that I've even been looking for houses to buy in the nearby hills. I imagine the warmth of the fire warming my bones as I gaze out of the window at the view, knitting forgotten on my lap. There's also steaming cups of hot herbal tea in my dream. It's a deep yearning for hygge - for cosiness, warmth and companionship.

Yesterday I had a breakthrough. After a visit to the local botanic gardens to meet some friends I grabbed my crochet and sat in my red vintage chair in front of the heater with my cup of peppermint tea. The girls played lego at my feet while I gazed out the lounge room window at the sun shining on the palm tree in my neighbour's garden. 

While my heater is not as romantic or as compelling as a roaring open fire it is warm and a whole lot less smokey! It filled my need for warmth and cosiness and I didn't have to pack up my whole house and move. 

This moment stolen from a busy life filled my heart with filled with satisfaction and content. I'm profoundly grateful for living in this time and place. I'm so lucky to be here, doing what I love with the people that I love. Sure there's still struggle but moments like these make the struggle bearable and fill my soul with the rest it needs to continue the journey.

Sometimes you don't need to go anywhere. Sometimes by staying still you can find just what you need.