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IP - Rest

The cold winter days have me huddling inside, heater blazing while I try and make as much as possible, do an adult education class and write a couple of books. This year I am relishing the creativity of the season rather than bemoaning the cold, gloomy weather. So far it's working!

I know winter is the time for drawing indoors and for some people, a time for rest. But for me, winter is the time of year when creatively I get the most done. The challenge for me at this time of year is to remember to rest. There's so much temptation and so much I could do that I find it very hard to sit and do nothing. I find that hard anyway but in winter it's much worse!

I'm reading this book in the hope that it will somehow rub off on me and I'll be able to rest. The author talks about being the feeling of chasing ideas and achieving creative breakthroughs as being as addictive as games, as physically satisfying as food and as emotionally fulfilling as being in love. That about sums up being creative and making things for me.

Hopefully I'll also get some good tips on how to create more space in my life for rest and crafting a better balance between work, rest and play. Tell me, do you like to rest in winter or do lots of crafting like a person possessed?