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At the moment I'm devouring books and field guides about the natural world. I have so many questions and not enough answers. How are shells made? Do they grow with the creature inside or do they move into bigger ones as they grow? Who lives inside the shells that we find washed up on the beach? What are they called? And they're just some of the questions I have about shells. I've also got lots of questions about trees, plants, animals, insects, butterflies, native bees and birds!

I'm savouring the wonder I have for the natural world. It's lovely to have something new to think and learn about. I like wondering about these things and feeling the sense of wonder in my mind. It's novel. All the questions bring wonder to the world of shells. I see them with new eyes and appreciate their beauty and form. Perhaps all the more because I don't have answers to my questions just yet. I wonder if having an answer will somehow spoil this special feeling.

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Sometimes the question is enough and it doesn't need to be answered. And for those times that you do need answers there are always books, lovely books to dip into. Wherever I go I'm looking out for secondhand field guides. I found these beautiful Gould League bird books in a second hand bookshop just outside Arrarat. 

When I'm in a bookshop I head straight for the natural science section and start flipping through the pages. Quite a few of the books come home with me and the others I borrow from the library.