Natural Dyeing with Oxalis and Bicarb
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Foraging Pouch

IP - Foraging Pouch 5

IP - Foraging Pouch 1

IP - Foraging Pouch 2

IP - Foraging Pouch 4

I wanted to make something beautiful and useful with my oxalis dyed wool. It's my first foray into the world of naturally dyeing yarn. I've done eco-dyeing in the past and spent many years using commercial dyes. These days it doesn't feel right to be using a bunch of chemicals to dye my natural fibres when mother nature provides so many abundant sources of colour in the form of plants. I love the subtle colours of natural dyes although I have to say the fluoro yellow of the oxalis was a real surprise. It looks synthetic to me although it's not too bad in the pictures.

I was kicking around ideas with a friend when I was hit with a bolt of inspiration. A foraging pouch! What could be better than crocheting a foraging pouch made from wool dyed with foraged flowers? I couldn't think of anything better. But if you can, please leave your suggestion in the comments. I'm keen to do more natural dyeing and I'm sure I'll be wondering what else to make with the wool!

I used this pattern and adapted it to my wool by using a smaller hook. I tried the recommended hook but it felt big and unwieldy. I wonder if it was because my wool is too thin. I still don't really understand what worsted weight wool means and I have no idea what ply this wool is either!

I'm very happy with my little pouch. And it only took me two days to make. A miracle for a slow maker like me!