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I was sitting on the couch the other night crocheting away. As I wound the wool over the wooden hook again and again, my thoughts began to wander. It's always interesting to see where your thoughts go when you're making things and this particular night was no exception.

My beanie's taken longer than I expected. At the start, I was fairly flying along but as it got bigger, it took longer and longer to complete each round. I was thinking about this and wistfully comparing myself to my friend Catriona who is the crochet queen. She's made scarves, beanies and cardigans for the girls and I over the years and is incredible. At times I wish I had her focus and ability to concentrate on one craft and really master it. 

As I was thinking this I realised I'm always making excuses for being a dabbler. For being a jack of all trades and flitting from one craft to another. Part of me thinks there must be something wrong with me and that my inability to focus is a flaw of some kind. I feel inferior to all those folks out there who put on tunnel vision and focus on mastering a skill. I admire their dedication and passion. And their lovely Instagrammed feeds with photo after photo of their craft. My Instagram feed resembles the inside of a magpie's nest, filled with random bits and pieces of glittery stuff! It would also be really nice to have an easy answer when people ask me what I make.

After I had my epiphany, I decided I had a choice to make. I could continue to feel inferior and wish I was someone else or I could embrace my magpie nature and a jack of all trades approach to creativity. I may not be the best at any one thing but I can turn my hand to many different things and most importantly, it makes me happy. One of my favourite things is being able to cross craft. That's when you use the skills of one craft for another craft. Like when I used my leather crafting skills to make a sheath for my spoon carving knife. Leather craft meets woodworking. Or when I used my sewing, pattern making, felting and woodworking skills to make a wool vest.

So, let me reintroduce myself. I'm Indrani and I'm a jack of all trades. Pleased to meet you!