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When you look really hard at plants and trees you notice that there are so many different shades of green. Not so long ago, they were all just a blurry green background. Now with the help of some good books and lovely friends I am starting to learn to tell different trees and plants apart.

The Hidden Life of Trees was a fascinating read. Did you know that trees have self defence systems and can communicate with each other?

Knowing the name of a tree deepens my connection to it. It's like being able to recognise a friend and call them by name. When I know their names, the plants become familiar and eventually, friends.

Living in a flat as I do, I find this connection to nature vital for my well-being. I could happily spend all my time indoors blogging or crafting but I know that being outside with the sun on my skin and the wind in my hair makes me feel alive in a way that craft and writing can't. When I can combine craft and being outdoors, it's about as perfect as it gets!

Here's to the lovely trees that shelter us and the plants that nourish us. Without them, we would be lost.