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Plant Press

IP - Plant Press 1

IP - Plant Press 2

IP - Plant Press 3

IP - Plant Press 4

I've been wanting to make a little plant press like this one after seeing a similar one on @lesliealilly's Instagram feed. I just love all the inspiring people I follow on Instagram and all the crafting inpiratativon they provide.

I wanted a quick craft fix and this only took me a couple of hours to do. It's one of the many advantages of having so many crafting tools and materials already on hand. The timber boards were meant for a book binding project that never got off the ground. The piece of waxed roo leather was an off cut from making leather journals. The roo thonging was the last little bit left from my shoemaking and leather craft adventures. I used the knot tying kit I got for my birthday to figure out how to tie the knot.

IP - Plant Press 5

IP - Plant Press 6

It was fun to get my pyrography tool out again and have a play with burning designs into wood. If I'd had enough time I would have done more; it was really addictive watching the tip burn into the wood.

I worked so fast on this one that it was only after putting it all together that I realised that I had made the straps the right size for the cover boards but had forgotten about allowing length for the paper that needs to go inside. Oops!