Natural Dyeing with Oxalis and Iron
Green is Great

Sunny Side Up

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Plants are magic and so are their leaves. Here's some leaf magic I learnt recently that will help you to get leaf prints on your fabric when you're eco-dyeing.

Leaves have two very different sides. The side facing the sun tends to be waxy to protect the leaf from the sun's rays. The side facing the earth on the other hand is more porous. Earth sides of leaves will give colours readily to your fabric while the sun sides won't. I'm not sure if this is also true for eucalyptus leaves. One way to find out I guess...experiment!

When you're dyeing your fabric, the surface you place your leaves directly on to is known as the ground and it's the part you want to have the most colour. Place your leaves earth side down on the fabric to get clear leaf prints. You may also get a print from the sun side on the other part pf the fabric although it's likely to be not as clear.

To get lovely leaf prints I've also started soaking my leaves in warm water prior to dyeing. So far I've done them for about 10-30 minutes. I'm wondering if overnight would be better or if it would leach away the colour. Anyone tried it?