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I am so happy with the results of my cabbage pot bundle. My cotton scarf was decorated with cineria leaves, acacia pods, blossoms and leaves. Then it was wrapped around a copper rod, tied with string and placed in an aluminium pot with chopped cabbage. After dyeing, I left it in the pot for 4 days. It then sat in the laundry, drying out for another 6 days before I unbundled it. When I first took it out of the pot it was a lovely blue-y grey colour. As it dried out it went a darker greenish colour.

When I unbundled it I found lots of interesting leaf prints as well as marks made by the acacia pods. I was stoked to find the lovely oranges and reds from the cineria leaves. I think that soaking the leaves in hot water before laying them on the fabric really helped to get lovely prints. Now I just need to find a cineria tree so that I can do more dyeing. 

This scarf is my favourite eco-dyeing result so far. It was supposed to be a present for someone but I can't bear to part with. Of well, guess I'll just have to do some more eco dyeing then!