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I take notes. I keep records. I make patterns. Most of the time. I made this wallet last year when I was in Canberra visiting my folks. I like to take some craft with me when I'm travelling. Having something I can do with my hands grounds and centres me when I am away.

The wallet is made from dry kangaroo skin that has been vegetable tanned. Dry means that there is no sealer on the leather and it isn't protected from the elements. You can get roo skin that has been treated and will resist water etc but it leaves an oily residue on paper.

I wanted to find a way to protect the dry leather that was 100% natural and I had an inkling that burnishing may be the go. When you rub the leather with wood or a smooth stone, you're burnishing it. I can't tell you the technical details of what it does to the skin because I couldn't find any online. In fact there wasn't much info online at all. So I made it up. And because I was away, I didn't write it down. I just did it. There was some beeswax rubbed on the leather either before or after the burnishing.

And now I have this gorgeous wallet with an incredible patina from age and use. The oils in my fingers have deepened the colour and made it all glossy. I love it but have no idea how to recreate it! Next time I take craft away with me, I'll be sure to pack a pencil and paper so I can take notes along the way!

If you want to learn how to make a simple leather pouch, I'll be back at this year's Village Continuum Festival teaching an Introduction to Leathercraft.