Eco Dyeing Leather

I Can't Stop

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I just can't stop eco dyeing. I'm hooked on the alchemy of turning raw plant materials that I have foraged from nature into dyed pieces of paper or fabric. Gathering the raw materials makes me so happy. My hands love the feeling of plants and my soul loves being outdoors in all weather. I enjoy the deepening connection I have for the place from which I gather most of my materials. I'm also enjoying the greater connection I have with nature - I can now identify a lot more plants when I drive around Melbourne and I often stop to gather ones that are growing on nature strips!

I think that sharing the craft with so many excited people at the Wild By Nature Camp also helped to fan my creative fire for eco-dyeing. Passion is a wonderful multiplier of energy. Sharing my current passion with other people who got excited and passionate about it in turn created an awesome feedback loop of passion and joy. I've brought that feedback loop home with me and I've now put it back into creating more eco-dyed materials which I'm sharing here and hopefully multiplying the passion even further!

plants + water + metal + fire + fabric = happy!

I wrote this equation to sum up the basic nature of eco-dyeing and after I did, I realised that all the elements are present in the process. Maybe that's why I am so obsessed with eco-dyeing at the moment.