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As a maker and writer I rely on lots of sources for inspiration. My main source of inspiration is ideas. I get really excited by new ideas and concepts - neuroplasticity, setting intentions and cultivating joy, to name a few. Often the best place to find those wild and crazy ideas tamed and contained is in books.

These are the books that over the years have inspired me the most. They are books to read when you are feeling blue, lack motivation or don't know where to start. They give hope, ideas and inspiration for making your goals a reality.

The Alchemist is a beautiful fable about following your dreams written by Brazilian author Paulo Coehlo.  I first read this book over twenty years ago and I still turn to it for inspiration.

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway is the classic on fear by Susan Jeffers. We all feel fear, the trick is to acknowledge the fear and do what we dream anyway.

Jonathan Livingstone Seagull by Richard Bach is a story about escaping the flock to be your own bird. Or person. You choose.