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Home Made Electrolyte Drink and Snack

Not enough sleep, one too many Aperol spritzers and eating the wrong food has left me dehydrated and getting headaches again this summer, even though I was drinking heaps of water. The glare from the bright sun used to give me headaches which is why you'll now always find me wearing sunnies when I'm outside.
Luckily my sister-in-law got me into Hydralite which is a tablet that restores electrolytes (e.g. sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium). I guess it's a lot like a sports drink. The tablets worked wonders and I didn't get a single headache. Yay!
After having almost a whole packet of these miracle tablets I got to wondering about what was in them. Why aren't people with high blood pressure and kidney disease supposed to take them? Could it be that they're bad for your kidneys and blood pressure? These questions preyed on my mind so I went looking for a natural alternative. 
I discovered that drinking the humble coconut is wonderful for replenishing lost minerals in hot weather. I also learnt that fruit such as avocados, bananas, dates and raisins can also work wonders. If veggies are your thing, try spinach, lentils, beans and potatoes. I wasn't eating any salt at all - my dad has a family history of high blood pressure and strokes so we cut out salt years ago. I'm slowly adding it back in.
The good news? No more headaches. Yay!
Natural Electrolyte Drink 🍹 
1 litre coconut water
1/2 lime, juiced
1tbsp salt
Mix and drink throughout the day.
IP - Avocado 1
Natural Electrolyte Snack 🥑 
Half an avocado
Juice half a lime
Cut an avocado in half (save the pip for carving and skin for dyeing fabric. Store them in the freezer).
Squeeze over the juice of half of a lime.
Sprinkle with rock salt.
Eat and restore.