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  IP - Pom Sun 1

IP - Pom Sun 2

IP - Pom Sun 3

When you've got Google and all of human knowledge in your back pocket it's easy to think that mystery is gone. Relegated to extinction like so mamy other relics from our past.  Luckily, mystery is still alive. Especially if you eco dye!

The lovely Carmen taught me that pomegranate flower buds make beautiful colours (if you can bear to pick them and not have any fruit that is).

In my most recent eco dyeing adventure, Max and I both used pomegranate flowers in our wool scarves. She somehow squished hers so they looked like mini suns. I sliced mine and scattered them over the fabric.

IP - Pom Flowers 1

IP - Pom Flowers 2
You can see the results above. The flowers made beautiful yellow suns on Max's scarf which I am lusting after) and on the one I dyed? Well not too much happened really. On the bottom picture you can just make out a faint pomegranate imprint of you look very closely.

So what happened? What was the difference? I'm not really sure to tell you the truth. It's all a bit of a mystery!