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Setting Intentions

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When you're a maker there's a very real danger that you'll fall in love with the gifts you are making for your friends for Christmas. Instead of giving away what you've made, you find yourself putting it in your cupboard and not into your friends' hands!

That's exactly what happened last year when I was making eco dyed scarves as Christmas presents at a friend's place. We had got together to share pots, plants and knowledge. For me, crafting is always more fun when doing it with other people. I love creative collaborations and the way ideas spark and catch fire from person to person.

We had four pots bubbling away on the stove:
aluminium with purple cabbage,
steel with purple cabbage and plum leaves and sticks,
steel with oxalis flowers, dandelion flowers and turmeric and
steel with cinerea, acacia pods and gum leaves.

The four different pots gave us four very different and distinct colours. We ended up with blue, purple, yellow and brown. The bundles that came out of the pots were completely gorgeous.

I had planned on making five scarves and giving them all away to the five people on my list. However, when I was actually making the scarves, I wasn't thinking about the recipients (with the exception of the scarf that went into the cinerea/browns pot). I was concentrating on the plants, designs and the pots the bundles would go into. I was also hampered by the kids wanting to join in the fun and make one each as well. Airlie made hers for Nana. Phoebe knew she had to give hers away but didn't make it for anyone in particular.

The result?  The scarf I made with someone in mind ended up going to that person. Same with the one made by Airlie for Nana. Phoebe fell completely in love with the one she made and I didn't have the heart to part her from it. I fell in love with the one that came out in gorgeous shades of blues, purple and pink (my favourite colours). I've kept it and the girls want to borrow it from me! Phoebe is far sighted and has even asked me to leave it to her in my will.

I've learnt a lesson about setting intentions when making gifts. Having the person in mind and thinking of them while you make is the key to your friends getting their Christmas presents! 

Don't fret - my friends eventually got their presents. I just *had* to go back a couple of weeks later and dye some more scarves.!