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A Little Pause

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After attending a writing workshop a couple of weekends ago, my head is full of ideas for writing new stories. I spent two days at the Abbotsford Convent with Australian author Judith Rossell (I adore her Still Montgomery books) and fifteen other aspiring authors. We were there to learn how to craft a children's picture book.

It was wonderful learning all about the craft, meeting other passionate writers and listening to the stories they created as homework for the course. Judith Rossell was funny, kind and very encouraging. She's been an author and illustrator for twenty years, has written twenty books and illustrated 80! It's no wonder her Still Montgomery books are so good (I took along mine to get autographed).

I want to get all these wonderful ideas flying around my head out and on to paper. So I'm going to be taking a little break from this blog for the next month or so while I'm writing, writing, writing. Wish me luck!