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Oops - this post accidentally went out a few days ago before I had even written it! I blame staying up late to watch the super moon, full moon, blue moon lunar eclipse on Wednesday night (incredible!). Instead of getting my blog post done the next morning I was busy catching up on sleep...

Here it is, better late than never!

The Wild By Nature Village Camp was a magical five days spent in the bush at a scout camp in Gembrook and a fabulous end to the summer holidays. Gorgeous peppermint gums stretched strong and true to the sky giving us shade and shelter from the heat. A camp kookaburra sat patiently in the tree near the willum balluck, ignoring the determined dive bombing attacks from the eastern yellow robins. A koala waved to us from her tree near our tent. Freshwater yabbies in the creek went about their business as we sat and watched. We learnt to be brave about leeches and even pick them up.

As well as all the feathered and furred folk who made us welcome, there were the human villagers old and new to catch up with. Seeing so many familiar faces made the camp feel like home. There was a great spirit of welcome, friendliness and community. Seeing all the children blossom in such a nurturing and beautiful environment was wonderful.

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We sang around the campfire at night, told stories from our day, ate dinner together, went on a bird watching walk, foraged for bush food, learnt fur tanning, tried basket weaving, napped in the hammock outside the well-being tent, swam in the waterhole, explored the creek, built shelters, fox walked through the bush, turned on our owl eyes and kangaroo ears and learnt to listen to the bush.

We forged deep connections to the earth, each other and ourselves by slowing down and observing. By becoming part of nature and immersing ourselves in her gifts. It was healing on a very profound level.

Coming back to our flat was hard but not as hard as last time because we know that we have camp to look forward to. The next one is from 9-13 April. Check out the Firekeepers website if you feel drawn to join us in a very special place.